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Today, eBay is far more than an auction site. Behind the growing brand is a rapidly evolving company. Now partnering with top merchants and launching collections by both professional and everyday sellers, eBay, with an inventory of more than 800 million live listings, has turned into a discovery destination and a leader in the omnichannel e-commerce landscape.

The brand experience includes major technology and retail partnerships with other leading brands such as Macy's, Kate Spade, and Home Depot. Recent efforts to improve internal clarity, refresh brand identity, and strengthen consistency demonstrate that eBay is embracing change in order to further differentiate itself and increase brand relevance in a rapidly changing (and increasingly crowded) category. With major online players like Amazon, traditional retailers like Nordstrom, and breakthrough brands like Warby Parker all entering eBay's domain, eBay is focusing intently on how its brand is perceived on a global scale.

Following a strategic review of the company's growth strategies and structure in late September 2014, eBay's Board of Directors announced that it would separate the eBay and PayPal businesses into independent publicly traded companies in 2015. It was also announced that Devin Wenig, an eBay veteran, would shift into the role of CEO of the new eBay.

Since its earliest days, eBay has been a brand deeply rooted in its commitment to connecting consumers and establishing a strong sense of community-and that does not appear to be changing now. As the Age of You approaches, those very same values could, once again, prove to be instrumental in driving eBay-and its brand value-to even greater heights.

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