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In the face of global economic challenges, FedEx, a global provider of transportation, e-commerce and business services, experienced a 35 percent increase in operating income over the last year* and re-entered the Best Global Brands ranking-after last appearing in 2008.

While e-commerce boosted business for FedEx Ground in North America, consumer demand for cost-effective shipping service is impacting its international export business. In addition, FedEx, like its competitor UPS, had a tough time meeting peak holiday demand and disappointed many U.S. customers. FedEx, however, remains focused on the future and is investing in fleet modernization and expansion in Europe to build scale efficiency. Sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity are core to FedEx and continue to lead the brand's activities. A new service that demonstrates its customer focus is FedEx Delivery Manager, which allows customers to adjust delivery schedules according to their personal needs-and also helps FedEx save resources by minimizing deliveries when recipients are not available. FedEx's efforts to be green are expressed in its commitment to improve fleet fuel efficiency by 20 percent by 2020. FedEx is also building smart strategic sponsorships to help communicate its capabilities in engaging ways-like the recent T-Rex fossil delivery across the U.S. to The Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. One of FedEx's next battle lines will be e-commerce-an area of high potential growth, with sales expected to hit USD $1 trillion by 2016. In this rapidly growing consumer category, FedEx faces both a competitive challenge-Amazon is looking at launching its own delivery fleet-and an opportunity to further differentiate.

 *FY2014 over FY2013.  FedEx's fiscal year ended May 31, 2014.

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