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Gillette is maintaining its lead in the male grooming category by staying true to its core brand promise. Despite slow growth over the past year due to shifts in shaving behavior, Gillette continues to deliver "The Best a Man Can Get" with a broad range of products. Parent company Procter & Gamble owns over half of retail sales in the grooming market and Gillette is the primary driver of this success. At the heart of the brand's strength are its commitment to innovation and its responsiveness to changing consumer demands. However, the brand is currently sitting at the nexus of a number of key trends:  the spectrum of male grooming is widening with an increase in the number of men trimming or shaving body hair, there is a decrease in the traditional, daily "clean shave," and consumers are increasingly seeking for cheaper alternatives, like the Dollar Shave Club,, and disposable razors. Backed by P&G's strength in research & development, Gillette is certainly on top of consumer and industry trends and appears able to respond effectively. Gillette's introduction of new products, including disposable versions of its most popular razors, and products focused on grooming, like the Gillette Body razor, increase the brand's relevance. Gillette's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology continues to fuel its category leader status. The new Gillette Fusion ProGlide with Flexball technology, Gillette's biggest innovation in recent years, is an example of the many ways the brand innovates and differentiates in order to keep its edge. 

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