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Goldman Sachs is maintaining its leadership position in a competitive segment and remains committed to building its brand by communicating the promise that clients come first. While Goldman enjoys a strong reputation as a skilled investment/banking firm among clients and a valued asset among shareholders, there is a disconnect between the brand's stated values-accountability, integrity, and honesty-and its actions. The brand still struggles with a negative image regarding "the Goldman way" in an industry where trust and transparency are taken increasingly seriously by clients and competitors. The company was criticized for its lack of transparency and honesty in its attempt to purchase a stake in Denmark's largest utility, for example, and the New York Times accused a Goldman Sachs subsidiary of exploiting aluminum pricing regulations and manipulating costs. The brand did, however, achieve a significant corporate citizenship milestone in 2013 when the 10,000th woman entered the"10,000 Women program," which provides training and education for female entrepreneurs. Goldman Sachs' biggest differentiator is its longstanding relationships with its clients, and its reputation for having the best people in the industry. But issues of clarity, authenticity, trust, and presence may become more critical in the brand's ability to keep its leadership position.

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