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The culture of excellence is what differentiates Hermès-craftsmanship, creativity, and quality run like a red thread through all its métiers. This brand's relevance to luxury customers remains strong in all geographic areas, with double-digit growth from 2013 through Q1 2014, across leather goods and saddles, accessories, silk, and textiles. The brand celebrates its origins and reinforces the value of a more leisurely way to enjoy luxury. 

This year, the brand maintained this careful balance between tradition and innovation through activities including live-streaming the Saut Hermès three-day equestrian event celebrating the brand's heritage and the introduction of a handmade bicycle. In addition to opening two new stores in China and Japan, another retail milestone was achieved when the Hermès-backed Shang xia brand opened its first overseas store in Paris. Showing the brand's resourcefulness and environmentally conscious side, petit h (the workshop that inspires unique creations from materials recycled from the Hermès ateliers), was launched in the Paris rue de Sèvres boutique with the motto "We don't throw anything away." 

In 2014, the company made a significant investment in talent and restructured internally in order to reinforce the brand's positioning and values. Alongside this, Hermès expanded its distribution and production network, as part of its long-term growth strategy. To better connect with customers in a key market for the brand, China, it recently joined Weibo and WeChat. Significantly, Hermès is once again run by a family member, with sixth-generation Axel Dumas now in charge of guarding authenticity and guiding growth in a new era. 

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