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HP, the 75 year old multinational information technology company, made headlines in October 2014 when it announced that it would be splitting into two separate companies-one devoted to business technology (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise) and the other focused on personal computing (HP Inc.). HP is accustomed to placing big bets. In the recent past, the company placed strategic bets on cloud, big data, mobility, and security in an effort to future-proof its brand. The strategy is beginning to pay off in the form of new product launches. At its annual Discover event in Europe, HP announced a new converged infrastructure platform, promising to break down the "brittle silos of servers, storage, and networking." More recently, HP released a new line of Slate VoiceTab "phablets" in India, a significant first step back into the smartphone market, which HP has avoided since its acquisition and later shutdown of Palm. HP is still by far the largest maker of printers in the world-with nearly twice the market share of its nearest competitor-and has announced plans to soon extend into 3D printing. In a testament to HP's market dominance, the mere mention of a possible entry into the space sent stocks sliding for leading 3D printer companies. Given the recent news of HP's plans to restructure, the year ahead is sure to be a pivotal one for this bastion of Silicon Valley.



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