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This banking giant values the role of its brand and understands its importance. HSBC continues to invest in its brand, to communicate its leadership position and its role in enabling entrepreneurs to achieve success. The global group has an impressive footprint, with offices in 74 countries and territories, serving around 52 million customers. Following a three-year restructure in line with its new strategy-moving away from its "world's local bank" positioning and scaling back retail operations in favor of global and commercial banking-HSBC believes it is well placed for future growth. While it has invested in projecting clarity and consistency, in terms of both its business model and customer service, HSBC-like its peers-continues to struggle against the negative perceptions that surround its category. Controversy continues on the subject of bankers' pay, abiding by the law, and acting in the best interests of customers-overshadowing positive news about CSR initiatives and innovations. Despite ongoing layoffs and the highly public Mexican money laundering scandal, the HSBC brand has opportunities to strengthen itself through clear differentiation. To do this, the brand may benefit from communicating in a more accessible way-as in its global brand campaign, "In the future", which memorably featured a young girl at her lemonade stand. HSBC's global head of advertising and marketing communications has said that the campaign aims to "bring a sense of warmth, simplicity and optimism to inspire growth."

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