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China's Huawei, one of the world's largest smartphone providers, and a major global force in telecommunications and networking, may be more of a household name in Asia than in Western markets, but it is making serious inroads globally—and has earned its place in this year's Best Global Brands ranking. After spending years defending itself against claims of breaching cyber security, the brand has gone on the offensive with its "Make it Possible" campaign in recent years—a campaign that is aimed at making the connected world a reality for more people. Focused on innovation and aggressive globalization, Huawei strategically utilizes its resources according to market demand. A testament to the success of its strategy, the multinational networking and telecommunications company is quickly becoming the market leader in Latin America and Central Asia, and a major player in both Europe and Canada. 

With a new marketing approach to support its ambitions (getting closer to more consumers), the brand recently launched a more consumer-friendly face. Its work in partnering with telecom carriers around the world is being leveraged as a way to show consumers how much of an impact Huawei has on the world they live in. With these consumers in mind, Huawei plans to eliminate 80 percent of its low-cost mobile devices this year. The goal is to develop products to meet consumer demand rather than meeting minimum costs and specification requirements from carriers. As Huawei's star product line, the Ascend, clearly illustrates, the company is working to change its image in the mobile handset market—from that of the low-cost alternative to one of a more premium brand.  

The strategy appears to be paying off. The proof? Huawei remains the #3 leading brand in the global smartphone market and the company is growing fast. According to market research firm, IDC, Huawei posted unit shipment growth of 95.1 percent year-over-year. Indicating the brand's expanding reach, in Q1 2014, Huawei's smartphone shipments outside its home market accounted for 40 percent of total shipments. With sales volume trending up and market share increasing, Huawei is moving at full speed—and well positioned to reach its goal of becoming the #2 global smartphone vendor in the next 3–5 years. 

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