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Delivering on the brand direction "modern premium," new vehicles like the Genesis and Sonata embody Hyundai's brand slogan, "New Thinking, New Possibilities." Hyundai is one of the fastest growing automotive brands, in terms of both volume and brand value. At the heart of Hyundai's growth is its strategy to differentiate and increase relevance by creating customized products. In Brazil, Hyundai launched the specifically customized HB20 model, which sold over 120,000 units in its first year. Models like Mingtu and Langdong, customized for China, and Grand and Xcent for India, also helped Hyundai to become a truly global brand. Furthermore, Hyundai's unique convenience features, from heated steering wheels and blind spot detection to lane departure warnings and smart cruise control, are now available across a broader range of vehicles to enhance the driving experience and customer satisfaction. 

Hyundai's commitment to brand building extends to providing brand experiences through multiple touchpoints. Online, Hyundai's 2014 FIFA World Cup sponsorship campaign,"#BecauseFutbol," drew more than 7.5 million fans and on Twitter the brand benefited from more short-term chatter than headline sponsor adidas. Offline, Hyundai's World Cup Fan Parks have engaged over 5 million potential customers in Europe alone. And in its native Korea, Hyundai opened Hyundai Motor Studio, its first brand experience store-including a showroom, automotive library, café, and a children's play center. As a result of these efforts, brand awareness of Hyundai's product attributes-like its "fluidic sculpture" design-and the kind of brand loyalty that comes from an emotional connection are becoming key drivers over price. Proof positive: Hyundai's sticker price is rising in every corner of the globe.

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