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IKEA is an iconic global brand that continues to grow. Its strategy of offering a wide range of stylish, functional furniture at a low price makes the brand one of the most widely-recognized names in a category not known for its presence in global markets. The brand enjoyed a 3 percent increase in sales and a 15 percent increase in operating income in 2013, largely as a result of expansion-the retailer now has 345 stores, with five new outlets in China, Sweden, Spain and Canada, and plans to enter India.

In keeping with its aim to be accessible to a mass audience, IKEA stores attracted 775 million visits and its website hosted 1.2 billion visits in 2013. With the goal of improving customers' everyday lives, the brand launches around 2,000 new products each year. Responding to frustrations with assembling its furniture, recent launches include the quicker assembly Regissör line in the U.S. IKEA's marketing is adaptable, across its catalogs, mobile app and social media, enabling the brand to stay relevant. The retailer is increasingly enabling customers to share content, for example via an innovative Instagram website in Russia.

True to its environmentally responsible image, IKEA continues to use sustainable raw materials: two-thirds of the cotton and 32 percent of the wood it uses are from sustainable sources. The company plans to achieve resource independence and complete its shift to 100 percent clean energy by 2020, and is currently a large investor in renewables and energy efficiency. Philanthropy is also important to IKEA. It increased philanthropic donations by 21 percent in the last year and the IKEA Foundation donated 101 million euros to help children in need around the world. IKEA's cost-conscious and future-focused approach look set to help the brand grow and remain profitable in the world's struggling economy.

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