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Jack Daniel's global growth can be attributed to a strong, disciplined commitment to its brand values. The company recognizes the importance of brand and considers the opportunities and risks to equity in every decision-and it shows. Though product innovation continues with flavor extensions like Winter Jack and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire in the U.S., the brand crafts them using Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey in order to maintain consistent quality and evoke traditional characteristics. The continuity of the Jack Daniel's heritage story is a key driver of its 21 years of consecutive growth. The brand's recent double-digit net sales increase came as the result of the expanding global distribution of Tennessee Honey and Gentleman Jack, and through production investments. This year, parent company Brown-Forman's first quarter profits rose five percent as the result of Jack Daniel's growth in emerging markets (although the U.S. is its largest market, the brand is sold in more than 160 countries). Despite price increases, brand loyalty remains strong, and Jack Daniel's leadership in the buoyant whiskey market is unthreatened. While the brand remains true to its heritage, it also values freshness and relevance in its communications. The brand's campaigns speak to the everyday interests of its consumers and rely on iconic elements from its visual identity, for example in its "Independence" poster campaign in the U.S., which linked July 4th celebrations with Jack Daniel's values and aesthetic. The brand's digital interface leverages layer-enabled smartphone apps, Facebook, and Twitter, with hashtags like #Jacklive to engage consumers and encourage community building. The brand has also invested in experience centers in Tennessee that give consumers the chance to see how the whiskey is made and engage in an immersive experience.  Jack Daniel's increase in brand value is a direct result of its long-term approach to building brand equity. While it now holds a seven percent value share of global whiskey, the future looks bright for this iconic brand. 

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