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Since 2010, John Deere's sales have increased impressively thanks to the company's ongoing commitment to global investment in new products and capacity. As part of its expansion strategy, John Deere completed new factories in China, Brazil, India, and Russia last year. The 177-year-old brand also invested in expanding and modernizing factories across the U.S. These efforts showcase the agriculture and construction brand's ability to balance its heritage with emerging market needs. 

Last year was a record one for John Deere product introductions and improvements, including nine new row-crop tractors, and the company's first hybrid-electric model for construction. Many of these new products feature engine technology that reduces emissions, while meeting consumer demand for power, reliability, and fuel and fluid efficiency. A multi-year program of engine redesigns is proving to be successful with John Deere's larger engines meeting stringent new U.S. and European emissions standards.

John Deere's longevity can be attributed to its ability to evolve with changing times, while staying true to its core values. Powered by a strong sense of internal clarity, John Deere is looking to ensure its relevance in the future by providing products and services that help meet the world's growing demand for more food, fuel, shelter, and infrastructure. 

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