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As the "world's most powerful drinks brand" (according to June 2014's Spirits Business), Johnnie Walker is continuing to strengthen its global presence, while simultaneously boosting both its premium and accessible offerings. This clarity and elevated prominence, in emerging markets in particular, is grounded in Diageo's strategy of seeing the brand as a global powerhouse. The strategy is rooted in innovation, leadership, and especially in storytelling. Through "brand houses" in Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul, Johnnie Walker is able to focus on communicating its authenticity (a particular brand strength) and educating consumers on its intense flavor blends and brand history. This year, Johnnie Walker's sales have been impacted by fierce competition in the Australian market and by cutbacks on business-related gifting in China. The brand has taken such challenges in stride, however. Johnnie Walker has, for example, experienced growth of 60 percent in the African market, where a smaller bottle is making the brand more accessible. A strong digital push through tech sponsorships and interactive bottles is also helping Johnnie Walker to increase its relevance. Furthermore, the versatile brand is continuing to capitalize on its global growth in premium segments. Since 2010, it has done this through product launches (Johnnie Walker Platinum Label, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and Johnnie Walker Double Black), distribution at the premium and super-premium tiers, and through its new status as the official whisky of Formula 1

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