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Johnson & Johnson, the family-owned company founded over a century ago, is once again showing its ability to weather the tough times and maintain its position as a deeply trusted brand. Driven by sales of several new drugs, it posted a 13 percent increase in profit in Q2 and has increased its profit forecast twice since January.

Despite intense generic competition and product recalls, Johnson & Johnson's commitment to its core value (putting the care of others first), and its efforts to increase both presence and consumer understanding, are all contributing to a stronger brand. The "Champions of Careprogram, launched in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson's 2014 FIFA World Cup sponsorship, has also given the brand a boost. This initiative celebrates people who go above and beyond to care for others and Johnson & Johnson clearly hopes it will inspire consumers to create a more caring world. 

Bouncing back from the 2010 product recall of several top-selling non-prescription medicines, Johnson & Johnson is increasing relevance and regaining brand loyalty by returning products to shelves. This year, 75 percent of the over-the-counter products that were scheduled for reintroduction in the U.S. were returned to shelves. With innovation centers opening up in five locations worldwide, Johnson & Johnson will increase its capability to produce products that are relevant, responsive to market changes, and in line with future trends.

By staying true to its long-standing mission, and by also pursuing equity-building innovation and expansion, Johnson & Johnson is on track to securing its future as a brand that consumers can continue to trust.  

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