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With falling earnings from poor trading conditions, and headlining investigations that cost billions of dollars, J.P. Morgan's recent history is challenging for both its business and its brand. The impact of its troubles was evident in 2013, when the organization reported a 16 percent drop in net income. Despite this decline, J.P. Morgan is now poised to regain the confidence of its clients and investors. A critical element of the firm's turnaround is the prominent role that CEO Jamie Dimon plays, both internally and externally. Mr. Dimon has improved his communications regarding the recent turmoil with a more transparent and proactive approach. In the brand's 2013 annual report, Mr. Dimon said: "The best option […] was to acknowledge our issues. […] This allowed us to focus on what we are here for-serving our clients and communities around the world." The increased presence of the CEO in accepting J.P. Morgan's mistakes, while motivating a stronger commitment to the organization's values, has also resulted in a renewed sense of leadership for the brand. Looking ahead, Mr. Dimon, in spite of growing concerns about his health, remains the face of the brand and a prominent and admired leader not only within J.P. Morgan, but also the industry at large. While legal issues will continue to cloud business performance, J.P. Morgan is working to reclaim its former position as one of the industry's most trusted and productive brands. 

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