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While KFC, the world's leading chicken restaurant chain, experienced a slight decrease in U.S. sales, it was named the #1 foreign brand in China last year-a region that accounts for over half of the company's global sales. Although it recently dealt with food safety issues in China, KFC has kept its Original Recipe and Extra Crispy Chicken styles in place and has updated its menu with new additions like the Li'l Bucket kids' meal in the U.S. It has also responded to consumer demand for healthier choices by adding salads and grilled options. KFC is even experimenting with a sub-brand concept, KFC Eleven, to target such health-focused consumers. In response to concerns about animal cruelty, KFC is working with the American Association of Aviation Pathology to improve its policies around the treatment of animals. (KFC's parent company, Yum! Brands, also established the Global Animal Welfare Program to better regulate the treatment of animals.)

To increase employee engagement, KFC launched the REACH Educational Grant Program and the REACH HIGH program in 2013 to enable hourly-based employees in the U.S. to receive educational benefits. The fast-food chain is innovating in the digital world by updating online and mobile apps for ordering and delivery. It is innovating in the physical world as well by providing customers with Go Cups sized to fit car cup-holders. Integrated campaigns like #HowDoYouKFC and the #GoCupGo Instagram contest effectively promoted the brand and its products in 2013 and 2014. Moving forward, KFC must continue to respond to consumer demand from constantly shifting markets to increase relevance-and profit.

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