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After stumbling with the 2012 product recall of its Luxury Foam Hand Sanitizer, Kleenex is now refocusing on its core strengths. Kimberly-Clark has repositioned the brand with its new campaign, "Where's Your Kleenex When You Need It?". Kleenex is now more responsive to consumer demand and has made product improvements such as thicker, more absorbent tissues. The brand's repositioning is a reaction to the current consumer trend to purchase more cost-effective, generic brands. Kleenex still holds almost half of all category sales, maintaining its long-term position as the world's #1 facial tissue brand. And the brand's focus on innovation and consumer insights drives it into new spaces. This year, it released a new technology, "Achoo," which allows the brand to predict with 90 percent accuracy which areas will be hit the hardest in the cold and flu season. This move allows the brand to micro-target consumer messaging as well as better manage inventory flow. Kleenex also took a step to align its sub-brands more closely and differentiate itself with the development of more stylish packages, in partnership with fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. The designs, paired with the campaign, present a platform for a continued stream of future innovations. Kleenex's concentration on consumer-driven products is an effective strategy to help the brand remain relevant and differentiated, especially in a slow economy. 

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