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Since its creation in 1909, L'Oréal has established a reputation for being an innovative, customer-focused brand that believes diversity is beautiful. These days, L'Oréal Paris sells 50 products every second, worldwide. Committed to its promise of "Beauty for All," the brand nourishes a global view of beauty that goes beyond the superficial. R&D in both science and technology is key to the company's strategy. Employing more than 4,000 people in R&D roles and its 857 million euro investment in R&D in 2013 are evidence of L'Oréal Group's commitment to remaining relevant in a fiercely competitive industry. The value of people and making a positive contribution to society inform L'Oréal's mission. The brand is committed to sustainable beauty and aims for every product in its portfolio to have an environmental or social benefit by 2020. 

L'Oréal knows that digital was a game changer and in 2012 it created the Connected Beauty Incubator. This year, the brand launched the Makeup Genius app, offering consumers greater customization and interaction with the brand. Through innovative use of augmented reality technology, consumers can now try on virtual makeup and test colors in various lighting conditions without visiting a makeup counter. In 2013, digital media accounted for more than 10 percent of the L'Oréal Group's net media expenditure. Part of this investment was in the launch of its new brand manifesto focused on the beauty of real people rather than celebrities-though celebrity women such as Beyoncé and Eva Longoria continue to be featured in campaigns. The latest indications are that the group is taking a more content-led approach and shifting its brand communications toward building emotional connections with consumers, rather than focusing on products. If so, L'Oréal is well positioned for a glowing future.

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