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Since 2012, MasterCard has been working toward "A World Beyond Cash." Its efforts to make this concept a reality have resulted in the brand rising from #97 to #88 on this year's Best Global Brands ranking.  With its vision statement in place, MasterCard has been able to firmly position itself as an innovator, pioneer, and leader in the next era of transaction technology-and its brand value has increased accordingly. From the start, MasterCard President and CEO Ajay Banga's goal has been to make innovation a priority. He believes the key to getting consumers to reach for MasterCard lies in offering technology that makes the purchase experience smoother-not just for them, but for the merchants as well.  With convenience and speed being high on most consumers' priority lists, MasterCard launched a disbursements service this year that enables businesses and governments to send funds to a consumer's card account in minutes, rather than days. Safety and security have also been top priorities as major security breaches have left consumers wary of electronic payments. To put minds at ease, MasterCard has been working tirelessly to make payments more secure by leading the "smart chip" revolution in the U.S.

Further signaling the brand's commitment to speeding the development of payment solutions globally, including mobile wallets, MasterCard acquired C-SAM, a leading technology provider in February 2014. With disruptors like Apple, Square, Google, and PayPal making waves in mobile payments, MasterCard has amped up its innovation messaging and is experimenting with facial-recognition software, touchless transactions, and a Google-style moon-shot lab. In line with this direction, MasterCard also launched MasterCard Start Path, a program designed to help early stage startups drive innovation and successfully scale.

In a connected world that is changing the way consumers interact, transact, and exchange value, MasterCard is realizing that it not only has the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction by making payments easier, but also by getting closer to customers emotionally. For that reason, it is evolving its legendary "priceless" campaign, which resonated widely with consumers. In the new iteration, the "Priceless Surprises" campaign encourages people to share what is priceless to them. MasterCard's investments, its emphasis on both convenience and security, and its efforts to build a more personal relationship with its consumers are clearly aligning the company around its "A World Beyond Cash" vision-and the results are showing in the brand's annual reports, share price, and steadily increasing brand value.

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