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The company's transformed business model and increased profitability, including a stronger than expected second quarter performance prove Morgan Stanley's ability to respond effectively to the rapidly changing financial services landscape. With a consistent focus on wealth management and institutional equities, the company has repositioned its business by moving from riskier assets toward more stability. This has served the brand well compared to rivals. Although the firm paid USD $1.25 billion to settle a case with the Federal Housing Finance Agency for its sale of mortgage-backed securities, and received a fine of USD $5 million for its supervisory failings during 83 IPOs, positive financial results have insulated the brand from further negative perceptions. In addition, the steady increase of Facebook's share price since its IPO, and Morgan Stanley's involvement with the successful IPO of Alibaba, are examples of the brand's restored reputation as a preferred partner in the technology sector. As the new banking environment continues to unfold, so does Morgan Stanley's success story. The company's latest successes not only reflect a renaissance for Morgan Stanley, but also demonstrate how a brand can drive stakeholder value in an increasingly regulated banking environment.

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