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MTV,  the Viacom brand that is now 30+ years old, has an audience that gets younger each year. It is present in over a half billion households worldwide and, with some 50 million followers, is one of the most popular global brands on Facebook. Though it has diversified output beyond "music television," the brand has maintained its authentic pointof-view and empathy for the youth culture it serves, including younger millennials. MTV's consumer insights consistently inform the brand experience at every touchpoint, giving young people what they want in a creative and edgy way. In addition to producing programming laser-focused on its precisely targeted audience, MTV creates content through the lens of a programmer by putting the audience first, staying story-driven and remaining platform-aware. As a result of the conversation loop it creates, MTV is able to track, stimulate and incentivize to increase engagement across all platforms. MTV remains culturally relevant to its highly social audience with shows that address concerns about homophobia, transphobia, and bullying, like "It Gets Better." "MTV Voices" was a sponsor of TEDxTeen 2014 in New York and, this year, MTV started using Snapchat to announce nominees for its iconic Video Music Awards. Increasingly savvy when it comes to digital initiatives, MTV also announced the launch of Your MTV Top 20, a weekly music video chart that is determined by fan interaction via social and digital media. As a result of its efforts to stay fresh, MTV's audience embraces the brand's position as the credible voice and vision of youth culture. In order to remain connected to its demographic, MTV just needs to continue innovating to keep up with its perennial youth target.

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