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11,406 $m

Nestlé created the instant coffee category 75 years ago. Today, Nescafé is sold in 180 countries. In an effort to clarify global positioning, strengthen the brand's promise, and increase relevance to a younger demographic, the brand is refreshing its identity with a new global campaign that launched across almost all touchpoints. For the first time, every Nescafé product shares the same visual identity and tagline, "It all starts with a Nescafé." The campaign also includes innovations like the first social alarm clock to provide a personalized wake-up call. Online campaigns, including last year's award-winning "Really Friends?" initiative in France, have helped Nescafé's Facebook fan-base grow to more than 22 million. The brand also connects with younger consumers through its "Nescafe Plan," focusing on responsible farming, production, and consumption practices. Nescafé keeps up with taste trends, and its Dolce Gusto line is now a billion dollar brand of its own. This year, Nestlé launched Nescafé Shakissimo (chilled, ready-to-drink coffees) in Europe, increasing the brand's visibility and presence. Though the world of coffee is quickly changing, more people drink Nescafé than any other coffee brand in the world-an estimated 5,500 cups per second. By staying relevant in mature markets, and achieving double-digit growth in emerging coffee markets like China, India, and Africa, Nescafé is in a solid position for future growth. 

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