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This year, Nissan, the Japanese automaker, continues to accelerate its financial and brand performance with a Q1 increase in global revenue, a double-digit profit increase, and strong performances in its two largest markets (China and the U.S.).  

As the need to differentiate beyond functional benefits intensifies, Nissan's leadership continues to push brand building as a major priority across the organization, clearly identifying the link between a strong brand and market share. Its "Innovation and Excitement" positioning is beginning to shape the company's culture, and recent launches for cars such as the Maxima, Qashqai, Murano, and Rogue clearly demonstrate how Nissan's brand positioning is influencing its products. This brand promise, however, has yet to leave its mark on the 'lower' end of its product portfolio.

 Nissan has certainly made progress in unifying communications globally, and the impression of a brand 'driven to excite' is starting to take clear form. Nissan's leadership position in electric vehicles reflects a future-forward view and a focus on meeting emerging customer needs. With similar bold promises on autonomous cars and joint ventures in fuel cell technology, Nissan is well positioned to respond to the rapidly changing car market. Despite recalls and poor perception of quality in the U.S., recent survey results show improvement in initial quality perceptions. Though Nissan lags behind its competitors in terms of presence, its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League is likely to prove an effective way to generate more global awareness. As one of this year's top rising brands, it seems Nissan is clearly putting the pedal to the metal.

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