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After a 10-year period, when Oracle bought almost 100 companies to piece together a singular end-to-end back office solutions suite, the software giant is taking a break from expansion. Integration and application of these various tools and services is the next step, according to CEO Larry Ellison. But Oracle also has another challenge: by adding so many components to its core business, it is become increasingly difficult to clearly define the business as a whole, and its purpose to consumers. Widespread consumer understanding may not be immediately crucial to business, however, since 60 percent of the brand's revenue derives from only 0.5 percent of its clientele. Still, Oracle is now communicating a message of innovation and simplicity in an effort to present a more cohesive, consistent brand experience for both corporate buyers and end-users. Despite the complexity of the business, simplicity is an important point to communicate. Oracle's collective acquisitions now ensure an integrated experience for businesses, rather than the alternative of tapping multiple vendors to handle a variety of technical database management needs. To address concerns about whether the mosaic of tools work seamlessly together, the company just completed a 7-year rewrite of all its software applications to ensure compliance and congruence with cloud computing standards. With more effective storytelling about how the business is evolving and where the brand is headed, Oracle can transition smoothly into the next stage of its development. 

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