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10,264 $m

Philips, once again profitable and growing, rolled out a new brand identity and unique positioning last year that emphasizes innovation, healthcare, consumer lifestyle, and lighting-and no longer mentions electronics in the company name. The new tagline, "Innovation and You," is a response to changes in consumer demand for a more personalized connection and a strategic focus on making the world healthier and more sustainable. Through innovation, Philips promises products and technologies that people really want and need, which explains why the brand recently invested 1.7 billion € in R&D. 

Philips is pushing the boundaries in terms of internal brand management, and its ongoing, six-year "Accelerate!" program is designed to change internal corporate culture to focus more on customers. Before rebranding, the company used an "Employee Brand Jam" to crowd-source staff stories and bring its vision and mission to life. Since being trademarked in 1934, the Philips shield has become a globally recognized visual icon. The successful social media launch of the updated shield (refreshed for stronger impact in digital media) reflects the company's efforts to increase relevance in a sphere where there is definite room for improvement (Philips has an opportunity to increase differentiation in the consumer electronics marketplace). While the global brand has sales and service outlets in more than 100 countries and is becoming more digitally-driven, it is focusing more on local markets and meaningful innovations in order to become a true solution provider. If Philips succeeds in this shift, and ensures a consistent brand experience on-and-offline, its brand strength will shine bright.

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