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Expansion into emerging markets is a key priority for Pizza Hut.  Its biggest business opportunity is now in China and by year-end, it expects to have 1,200 Pizza Hut restaurants, with a focus on casual dining rather than delivery and carry-out.

In the U.S., delivery is the fastest growing part of the business and, in the last three years, the company has built 600 "Delco" stores to focus on delivery and carry-out. The shift from red roof dining rooms to a smaller format has opened up more real estate opportunities for Pizza Hut, and the opportunity to create an exciting and relevant experience in these new locations is significant.  

In order to revitalize the brand image, the company is debuting a new marketing campaign with a distinct focus on millennials-a key differentiation from competitors' focus on families. The business strategy includes more digital initiatives to meet consumer demand for increased mobility in ordering and receiving deliveries and its partnership with Visa Checkout for example, enables customers to make payments on any device. As the first pizza company to offer online ordering in the U.S., Pizza Hut is celebrating "20 Years of Digital Greatness".

This year, also saw the creation of limited edition delivery boxes in the U.K., featuring an augmented reality offer and, in the U.S., the brand created an OKCupid profile so fans could pledge their lifelong commitment--all smart ways to capture the attention of its target market and drive awareness of the Pizza Hut brand.

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