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This premium lifestyle company is growing-with a record net revenue increase of 7 percent, to USD $7.4 billion in 2013, and a revenue growth of 14 percent in Q4 fiscal year 2014. The brand of the polo logo enjoyed successful sports sponsorships, including outfitting American teams for the Sochi Winter Olympics and the 2014 U.S. Open tennis tournament. Showcasing its American authenticity, the brand's Team U.S.A. Olympic strips were entirely made in America. Leadership changes such as the appointment of Valérie Hermann-former Yves Saint Laurent CEO-to focus on strategy, merchandising, and distribution indicate the brand's commitment to maintaining clarity, and to expanding into the global luxury market. The company added to the 14 labels already on the market with the launch of Polo for Women during this year's Fall/Winter Fashion Week. Retail expansion plans include a flagship store in New York. Making inroads into wearable tech, the luxury brand debuted a "smartshirt" at this year's U.S. Open Tennis Championships. Fitted with bio-sensing silver fibers, the smartshirt gauges physical details such as heart rate, breathing, steps taken, or calories burned by linking to a smartphone or other capable device. The brand hopes this innovative offer will bridge the gap between luxury and smart technology in the clothing sector. Ralph Lauren's growth strategy includes strengthening e-commerce, increasing global presence-particularly in Asia and Europe-and merchandise innovation. The latter will involve the brand building up its accessory business to compete in the luxury market. Since the forecast for emerging markets in India and China is an increase in luxury spending by 80 percent and 70 percent, respectively, the future of Ralph Lauren's growth strategy looks golden.     

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