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SAP, a leading provider of enterprise software and services, is benefiting from the fact that concepts like the cloud and big data are becoming better understood by tech savvy consumers. In 2014, the brand sponsored the Super Bowl, which made it a fixture on Super Bowl Boulevard in Times Square and the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in the U.S., and showcased how its technology enhances the fan experience. Recent product launches indicate the brand is moving to a simpler naming convention, using more descriptive names to enhance the visibility of the SAP brand and provide a simpler, more consistent way to navigate offerings. SAP's conviction that yesterday's technologies will not solve tomorrow's challenges is evident in its commitment to R&D and its responsiveness to customer need. The brand utilizes its Partner Ecosystem to ensure that solutions complement and integrate with the often overlapping requirements of the large organizations it serves. While four consecutive years of double-digit growth have helped SAP cement itself as the fastest-growing mega-cap company in the enterprise software industry, marketing remains focused on demonstrating the company's commitment to delivering a highly visible, purpose-centric brand. SAP continues to be present in traditional B2B mediums like business publications and airports, while increasing its presence in more traditional B2C channels through its sponsorship strategy. Through its focus on customers, employees, and communities, the brand has mapped out a sustainable future, with a rich inventory of stories that tell how it improves lives and helps the world run more smoothly.

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