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5,646 $m

Sprite grew by 5 percent in Eurasia and Africa over the past year but there's no room for complacency. In late 2013, Kimberly Paige, Associate VP for the brand, talked about Sprite's need for clarity and plans to refocus on its role in consumers' lives, rather than the product. This new approach is matched with an increased brand spend. Sprite has remained relevant to  its young, energetic, forward-focused target market, with global slam dunks like partnering with the NBA, and launching Sprite® 6 Mix by LeBron James-the brand's first new, limited edition product in five years. The product's multichannel advertising campaign supports the tagline "LeBron Has Changed The Game. Again." and includes the #ChangeTheGame promotion, seeking game-changers in music, the visual arts, entrepreneurship, and community involvement. Although Sprite is the world's leading lemon-lime flavored soft drink and the #3 ranked soft drink worldwide, with sales in more than 190 countries, it's not clearly differentiated from competitors such as 7Up and Sierra Mist. In the beverage category, brand names play an important role in purchase decisions. When compared to heavy-hitters like company stablemate Coca-Cola, Sprite plunges to the bottom of the scale. The Sprite brand has struggled to find its voice since ending the successful "Obey Your Thirst" campaign in 2010. Its new "For The Thirsty" campaign clearly echoes its predecessor and may revitalize the brand and jumpstart the forward momentum it needs. If Sprite continues to boost relevance, it may be able to quench its thirst for growth.


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