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Since 2012, senior leaders at Thomson Reuters have been transforming the company into an enterprise-driven organization with an integrated go-to market strategy, common processes, shared assets and centers of excellence. The overall goal is to accelerate innovation, take advantage of scale and enable Thomson Reuter's talent to make smarter, faster decisions. However, in today's marketplace, there is an oversupply of data and an undersupply of relevant, insightful and actionable information. How companies meet this challenge will be critical to unlocking brand value. In order to continue to drive competitive differentiation, Thomson Reuters must focus on the changing needs of customers and clarify its story to the market. By listening intently to the needs of professionals and delivering expected and unexpected solutions, Thomson Reuters can take its conversations and relationships deeper to deliver more actionable results that help business professionals to make better decisions in less time. Such an approach would guide meaningful innovation in areas that matter most to clients. It would also arm Thomson Reuters employees with the information they need to make smarter decisions that drive the Thomson Reuters business forward. 

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