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Despite a challenging holiday season thanks to a massive uptick in shipments from e-retailers around the globe, UPS experienced a productive year marked by significant progress in expanding its healthcare expertise, thought leadership, and global reach. In 2013, UPS continued to differentiate itself as the leading healthcare logistics expert, backed by its global network of 41 dedicated healthcare facilities and International Standardization Organization (ISO) accreditations. The company broadened its footprint in the sector via strategic investments and acquisitions that included opening a new healthcare facility in Hangzhou and purchasing U.K.-based Polar Speed-a pharmaceutical supply chain solutions provider. UPS also added three healthcare dedicated facilities in Mexico, Brazil, and Chile, capturing nearly 70 percent of the total fast-growing healthcare markets in Latin America. All of this activity continues to reinforce that UPS is more than a logistics provider. Through thought leadership efforts, such as the "Pulse of the Online Shopper Study," "B2B Purchasing Insights Study," and "Pain in the (Supply) Chain" healthcare survey, UPS is increasing relevance across key audiences, uncovering market drivers and consumer needs, and acknowledging the challenges faced by its B2B customers. As UPS expands its global footprint, it remains focused on meeting consumer demand and adapting to market shifts to deliver growth through all kinds of weather.

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