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In 2013, Visa CEO, Charles Scharf. articulated the characteristics that have driven-and will continue to drive the Visa business forward: a payment network, a partner, enabler, a technological innovator, and the best way to pay (and be paid)- for everyone, everywhere. The new brand strategy was brought to life during the 2014 Sochi Olympics and introduced a new identity for one of the most recognized and powerful brands in the world. Visa is now gearing up for Rio 2016, and will no doubt use the sponsorship to even greater effect. Despite the clarity of the new brand strategy, disruptors continue to challenge Visa's leadership position. Still, Visa has been making headway in its mobile/digital expansion, as well as in its international expansion-and it is delivering shareholder returns as a result. Visa is also working to advance its innovation strategy, perhaps best exemplified by the opening of its new 112,000 square-foot Innovation Center in San Francisco, in July 2014. In that same month, Visa launched Visa Checkout as well, a new, streamlined approach to online and mobile payments. With competitive pressures from disruptors like PayPal and Google, Visa will need to make bold moves in order to stay relevant in the long-term, maintain a differentiated brand positioning and secure a sustainable role in the future of digital and mobile payments. Consumers' trust of the brand, and wide business endorsement place Visa in a strong position. Combine that with big data at its heart and it is clear that Visa has the potential to be a big player in the Age of You. 

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