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It is hard to find a global car brand that is as clear and consistent in its design and brand story. Volkswagen has made German engineering and reliable technology its hallmark. Its latest models, particularly the seventh generation Golf and the up!, remain true to the brand but benefit from minor changes that give them an edge. Remaining relevant and responsive, Volkswagen has persistently strengthened its "Think Blue" sustainability initiative. It recently won Germany's National Energy Globe Award for the initiative and for its commitment to making its global car plants more sustainable by 2018. "The People's Car" is performing well in the People's Republic-Volkswagen experienced double-digit growth in the sought-after Chinese market in the first half of 2014-but did not fare quite as well in the U.S., Brazil, and Russia in 2013. VW's broad product portfolio means it faces competition on several fronts, from established premium brands, design innovators, and VW's own subsidiaries, SEAT and Škoda. New hires and brand leader positions appear to be helping Volkswagen rise to these challenges by placing clear emphasis on the brand rather than the products. For example, to deepen the brand's emotional connection and relevance, the brand launched an exclusive app for fans of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The brand is also innovating around E-mobility and self-driving cars. Volkswagen can certainly count itself among the brands that will be leading the global race to shape the future of "Das Auto."

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