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As one of the world's top innovators and patent holders, Xerox continues to grow by transitioning into business services and is also working diligently to maintain its authenticity. In 2013, Xerox launched a new visual identity and, though its senior management is now more present on social media, there is currently an opportunity to create more consistent communication across all territories and segments. The global "Ready for Real Business" campaign, launched in 2010, has helped increase consumer understanding of Xerox's broadening business, which now includes cutting-edge printed and flexible electronics. Last year's global "Made Simple by Xerox" campaign continued in the same vein, using quirky facts to draw attention to the business services that generate more than half of Xerox's revenue. Although it has had financial setbacks, the company continues to increase its footprint. This includes a series of major acquisitions that align with Xerox's core strengths and market opportunities across transportation, healthcare, education, graphic communications and customer care. Through partnerships, the company is able to deliver best-in-class expertise, such as technology, engineering, and software development. Xerox is also using co-branding strategies, like Fuji Xerox, to generate a healthy pipeline of relationships and expansion opportunities. Xerox has an opportunity to leverage its brand equity and shift widespread consumer trust from its documents business to services. By continuing to invest in the brand and by clearly articulating the value of simplifying its customers' work even more, Xerox is a global brand that is moving in the right direction.


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