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Amid tough times in the luxury fashion industry, Burberry’s Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Bailey, has upheld the strength of the brand by promoting its British luxury heritage through innovative digital content.

A top global luxury brand with a reputation for craftsmanship and innovation, the new challenge for Burberry is leading the charge against an overall slowdown in global luxury sales. Despite market challenges, the brand posted an 11 percent revenue increase, up to £2.5 billion, for the 2014/2015 fiscal year ending in March—thanks largely to the popularity of its British-made trench coats and cashmere scarves.

While rooted in heritage, Burberry has forged a reputation for digital innovation in the fashion sector. Last year, Burberry became the first
luxury brand
to use Twitter’s “Buy Now” function, letting followers purchase right from the runway by clicking on products featured in Tweets. Burberry has been livestreaming its runway shows since 2010 and, this year, launched a series of platform firsts in collaboration with social media leaders like Snapchat, LINE, Kakao, and Periscope, amongst others. It created the Snapchat Show, inviting the platform’s 100 million users to preview Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2016 womenswear collection the day before launch and also released live images from its latest advertising photo shoot on the platform. With a history of collaborating with British musical talent, Burberry became the first branded channel to launch on Apple Music. This series of digital initiatives has garnered the brand a massive following of 36 million social media users.

With a constant eye on enhancing its brand experience, Burberry continues to fuel awareness and recognition. “My Burberry”—the brand’s most personalized and most successful campaign to date—has been lauded and received numerous awards. Global events like “London in Los Angeles,” which garnered a record amount of press coverage and social media engagement, promote the brand’s heritage worldwide. Burberry also celebrates the universality of its pieces on its own digital properties. Its Art of the Trench social platform, for example, showcases the classic coat being modeled in various settings around the world, and has attracted more than 25 million page views in over 221 countries since launching in 2009. Burberry is also expanding its personalization efforts with the launch of the “Scarf Bar,” in-store and online, offering monogramming options for more than 30 variations of the brand’s iconic Scottish-made scarf.

As e-commerce grows ever more relevant in luxury fashion, Burberry is in a strong position, with a refined presence in the digital sphere.

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