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Over the past five years, the 104-year-old Chevrolet has made significant strides in updating its image and positioning itself as a pioneer.

One of this year’s big reveals was the announcement of an all-new 2016 Cruze that will build upon the car’s position as Chevrolet’s global best seller. Following up on the expansion of its small-car portfolio, Chevrolet also took the Toyota Tacoma head-on in the underserved midsized pickup market. In another move to keep one if its midsize classics current, Chevrolet updated the Malibu, which it first introduced in 1964. The roomier, upscale 2016 Malibu is longer, lighter, and has a wider wheelbase. And thanks to its Volt-inspired power train, the new Malibu Hybrid offers about 48 mpg, thereby posing a formidable threat to its competitors.

With these changes and additions, including the launch of the Colorado in 2015, Chevrolet has addressed the market’s desire for a smaller vehicle with cargo practicality. In doing so, it has demonstrated its ability to respond quickly to evolving consumer demands, all while invigorating its icons. Its efforts have also extended into personalization and keeping people connected. In 2015, Chevrolet became the first car manufacturer to roll out connected cars, trucks, and crossovers with high-speed 4G LTE wireless connectivity. OnStar with 4G LTE—the in-vehicle service powered by AT&T—along with a big investment in app development, is further proof that Chevrolet is focused on helping its customers “Find New Roads.”

Looking ahead, Chevrolet announced that the Bolt EV is on track to roll out by 2017. Touted as the future of electric vehicles, with an estimated electric range of 200 miles and a price tag of around USD $30,000, the Bolt could pose serious competition to the Tesla Model 3, the Nissan LEAF, and the BMW i3.

This year, Chevrolet also kicked off a new advertising and social media campaign to get consumers to rethink the brand. The “Real People, Not Actors,” the “Best Day Ever” YouTube livestream,
and partnerships with the likes of the 
American Cancer SocietyUnited Way, and Manchester United have let the world know that Chevrolet is back in a big way.

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