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Corona Extra, which has maintained its position as the top-selling beer import in the U.S., continues to communicate a consistent message around carefree enjoyment and the beach state of mind. Recently, Corona has begun to target a broader, more diverse audience by expanding those laid-back experiences beyond the beach.

Corona, the star brand of AB InBev, has become a patriotic Mexican icon and the symbol of a leisurely lifestyle. Corona continued to expand upon its “Find Your Beach” campaign this year, bringing to life the emotional benefit of the brand in a manner that only Corona Extra can deliver. The brand’s advertising highlighted a variety of occasions where consumers can shed their worries and responsibilities and enjoy a lighthearted moment.

The brand’s increasingly strong connection with consumers has relied heavily on engaging experiential campaigns—all based on people’s shared affinity for the beach, music, and sports. In Mexico, for example, Corona sponsors Copa MX, a popular football competition involving some of the best teams in the country. In the U.S., Corona focuses on boxing and sponsors a number of major fights throughout the year. Corona also continues to sponsor the Corona Capital music festival, a summer event in Mexico City that attracts close to 170,000 fans. It also backs a music-driven series of beach festivals, Corona SunSets, which inspire people to unplug, unite, and celebrate the energy and spirit of sunsets.

One of the challenges that the brand will face going forward is keeping up with projected beer market growth, especially in developing regions like Latin America and the Middle East. That’s why, in 2014, Corona was launched in Brazil and reintroduced in Argentina, as well as in Canada and China. While the brand continues to be a favorite in Australia, Chile, and Western Europe, Corona can stay competitive by exploring further expansion opportunities in growing markets. In the U.S., Corona saw the opportunity to grow its business by relaunching the Corona can, which is under-indexed versus the beer category. In March 2015, the brand introduced redesigned packaging, which was supported by a robust marketing campaign, including dedicated TV and digital advertising.

By expanding its brand presence and appealing to universal desires, Corona is furthering its status as a beloved beer and lifestyle icon worldwide.

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