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By focusing on innovation and a customer-centric strategy of business excellence, DHL is using “The Power of Global Trade” for the greater good—demonstrating that businesses crossing borders can impact opportunity, prosperity, and optimism.

This is the focus of DHL’s global brand campaign. With print and online ads, as well as TV spots shot by the award-winning director Frederic Planchon, DHL tells the story of how logistics power global trade and enrich people’s lives. The campaign underscores DHL’s ability to connect, from its Global
Connectedness Index
to its Disaster Response Team—which was in Nepal 48 hours after the devastating April 2015 earthquake.

With this new purpose and ambition in mind, DHL is increasing efforts to ensure that its existing infrastructure can meet the ever-increasing demands of international e-commerce and global trade. It’s investing hundreds of millions of dollars in utilizing faster, more efficient aircraft; expanding the capabilities of its American, European, and Asian hubs; establishing a new South East Asian hub in Singapore; and launching an expansion program in the Middle East and North Africa. Through these initiatives, DHL seeks to bolster its image as the leading international logistics brand. 

As the world’s largest logistics specialist, however, DHL knows its efforts to stay innovative and relevant will be futile if it doesn’t prioritize sustainability. That’s why the company’s GoGreen program works to improve its carbon footprint, for example through the exploration of alternative fuels. DHL’s commitment to a sustainable future means that business doesn’t stop at the corporate balance sheet or, for that matter, with green initiatives. DHL is also committed to helping employees give back. In 2014, more than 108,000 employees in 117 countries participated in the brand’s annual Global Volunteer Day initiative, and the company encourages year-round volunteer activities as well.

Innovation has proven vital for DHL, as the brand works diligently to expand in this area, with recent experiments from drone delivery trials of urgently needed medication and goods to delivering packages into the trunks of cars in cooperation with Amazon and Audi. By rethinking what it means to be where its customers are, DHL is building the global strength of its brand.

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