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Facebook is using its immense scale and global reach to improve communication and connectivity, creating better ways to integrate its many platforms into individuals’ everyday lives.

As the world’s leading social media platform, Facebook is using its position to enter new industries, increase its civic engagement, and innovate new communication techniques across the globe. With the aim of making information more readily available and enabling constructive collaboration and sharing, the brand is working with media outlets like The New York Times to publish content directly to mobile phones. And the brand continues investing in Fbstart, which provides more than USD $100 million in financial and technical support to 3,800 mobile app developers.

The company’s investments in mobile technology—e.g., Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram—are not only fiscally intelligent, they are also improving global communication pathways. The brand continues to create new and better ways to stay connected, including Safety Check, a means to ensure the safety of loved ones during moments of global disaster and crisis, Mentions, a platform that allows public figures to engage with fans, and Moments, an app where friends can share photos privately. Its new advertising campaign, hailed as humble and gritty, highlights the emotional benefits of friendship, rather than focusing exclusively on the technology that individuals use to stay connected.

Facebook is also addressing needs in emerging markets—and having a greater social impact as a result. It is tackling inadequate Internet access via the mobile app,, which allows customers in 17 countries to search for information through cell coverage without accruing data charges. It also helped facilitate wildly successful campaigns like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and played an active role in securing millions of dollars in donations for victims of the Nepal earthquake and West Africa Ebola.

In more direct revenue realms, the recent Facebook at Work platform could help the brand counter its reputation as “a distraction” and help it dig deeper into the B2B space. Peer-to-peer payment functionality (users no longer need to leave Facebook to use Venmo and PayPal) has also made Facebook more commerce friendly—and all the more attractive to advertisers.

Additionally, the launch of M (Facebook’s personal-assistant rival to Siri and Cortana) has positioned it to reveal social microtribes to advertisers, providing them with unprecedented contextual data and the ability to analyze consumer sentiments. Such information enables Facebook to cater its content and create a more personalized experience.

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