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J.P. Morgan
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While the past few years have not been short of challenges, J.P. Morgan has proven adept at regaining positive favor among both customers and investors. J.P. Morgan continues to be a leader in the industry, earning a record USD $21.8 billion in net income on revenue of USD $97.9 billion in 2014.

The bank has found stability and growth in its CEO, Jamie Dimon, who continues to lead the company following a decade-long tenure. Mr. Dimon is optimistic about moving forward. In his most recent letter to shareholders, he noted, “We have endured an unprecedented economic, political, and social storm. … What is most striking to me, in spite of all the turmoil, is that our company became safer and stronger.”

Even as it announced the closing of 300 branches by 2016, the bank has demonstrated a firm commitment to corporate citizenship activities. One example: New Skills at Work, a USD $250 million initiative, has sent high-performing employees to Detroit, Michigan, for the next five years to help the nonprofit community build sustainable businesses. To assist organizations like Oxfam and Save the Children in providing humanitarian relief in Europe, J.P. Morgan will also donate up to USD $2 million in aid, half of which will be driven by an employee match program.

The bank’s commitment to protecting customers also remains firmly in place. J.P. Morgan plans on doubling its spend on cybersecurity this year. J.P. Morgan also seems poised to continue reinforcing its position on the importance of integrity and transparency. Through increased digital capabilities—with a particular focus on Chase Bank’s microchip technology—J.P. Morgan is setting the standard for the industry.

Such efforts have helped J.P. Morgan’s brand value to surge an impressive 10 percent in the past year.

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