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Kellogg’s wants to hear from its consumers: It wants to connect with them and discover how they start their days—a particular priority within the rapidly changing and increasingly health-conscious food landscape.

Kellogg’s has taken a proactive approach, for example, with its “Open for Breakfast” forum, which invites people to ask questions and share their concerns about Kellogg’s foods and how they’re made. It also provides an avenue for Kellogg’s to interact and respond to these concerns by posting content of its own. “Open for Breakfast” shows that Kellogg’s is responding to conscious consumers who expect companies to care about the things that truly matter in their lives: from nutrition to sustainability to their families and communities. The campaign also marks a concerted effort to cultivate transparency—and create loyal brand ambassadors along the way.

The Kellogg Company’s product strategy reflects wider food concerns—it’s actively working to remove all artificial colors and flavors from its products by 2018. With the introduction of reduced-sugar options of favorites like Froot Loops to the launch of new products like Origins with simpler and richer ingredients, it’s recasting itself with a healthier glow by giving customers more of what they need (i.e., fiber and protein) and less of what they don’t. It’s a race against time for the brand, as new market entrants are becoming household names in their own right.

It’s not only healthier options but healthier lifestyles that Kellogg’s is leveraging to change perceptions. It recently launched a campaign that recasts Special K from a diet breakfast cereal to a catalyst for healthy living and self-empowerment, while introducing extensions like Special K and Eggo breakfast sandwiches. Kellogg’s advertising spots encourage people to think of its cereals not only as a morning ritual, but also as a healthy nighttime snack. It’s accelerating sales efforts in emerging markets with the acquisition of Egypt’s leading cereal company, Mass Food Group, which owns locally popular brands and exports to more than 30 markets, including Europe, East Asia, and Africa. It also partnered with the consumer products company Tolaram Africa to fuel growth in the rapidly expanding West African market. On the operational end, Kellogg’s is combating lagging sales and profits with the implementation of Project K, a global, multiyear growth and efficiency program that has allowed the company to invest savings in rebranding efforts and set itself up for longer-term growth.

From the breakfast table to the broader world, Kellogg’s continues to strengthen its role as an integral part of people’s days. In a letter to investors, CEO John Bryant made it clear that the brand will continue to focus on its core offerings, even as it responds to new market demands.

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