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Land Rover
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With its updated Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models delivering strong sales performances last year, the heart of the Land Rover brand was beating strong in 2015. Land Rover continues to define the luxury 4×4 segment and remains a benchmark for the rest of the industry.

Despite slowing business in China, Land Rover launched a partnership with Chinese manufacturer Chery Automobile Co. and hired Mark Bishop, previous Managing Director for Porsche China, as its new head of sales.

As competitors ramp up their environmental commitments in response to increasing concern about the environmental effects of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, Land Rover’s investment in sustainability stood out this year. Jaguar Land Rover—the combined entity under which both U.K. auto brands operate—has reduced CO2 emissions 25 percent since 2007 and received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development in 2015. Land Rover’s Ingenium diesel engine also became an unlikely symbol of that sustainability effort, with lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Land Rover has displayed a commitment to growth despite environmental regulation, uneven global markets, and technological innovation.

A Life Extraordinary, a documentary film focused on extraordinary individuals from the world of music, sport, design tech, and conservation, brought Land Rover’s innovative spirit to life, as did its #FeelWimbledon social media campaign, which used cutting-edge sensors to analyze the spectrum of unique emotions generated at the legendary tennis tournament.

With the launch of justDrive, a voice activated in-car app integrator, and the development of a new attention sensing technology intended to prevent accidents caused by distracted or drowsy drivers, Land Rover’s commitment to continually improving drivers’ experiences is clear. Furthermore, Jaguar Land Rover is set to invest GBP £3 billion in its product and facilities in Fiscal 2015/16 and plans to develop a National Automotive Innovation Centre, set to open in 2017.

These investments are paying off: Jaguar Land Rover’s global employee headcount has doubled over the past few years to nearly 34,000, sales have more than doubled since 2009, and plans have been made to expand production into Brazil and Slovakia. The Land Rover brand continues to rise with continued product innovation and laudable efforts to keep its environmental impact in check, while growing its footprint globally.

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