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Earlier this year, the LEGO brand was deservingly named the “greatest toy of all time” by executives from toy companies in the U.K. The company has experienced an impressive rise—from its humble 1930s Danish origins to its modern-day global presence.

A philosophy of “good quality play” has defined the LEGO Group’s business operations since it was founded. With its meticulously quality-controlled building bricks, the brand has continued to provide creative play through hands-on building experiences. With technology as a new powerful enabler, the LEGO Group is taking the continued pursuit of its philosophy into unexplored digital realms as well. Still, the company’s core contribution to society is the classic LEGO brick.

The spirit of innovation is embodied in the LEGO Group, best demonstrated by the company’s ability to launch new, creative products frequently, with which children all over the world love to play. The LEGO Group’s trendsetting instinct is largely responsible for the company’s integration of rapidly evolving digital technologies into its real-life products. However, it remains to be seen whether the new digital initiatives will prove to be as lucrative as the brand hopes.

The LEGO Group’s strong commitment to innovation goes far beyond product expansion. The company that made more than 60 billion elements in 2014 recently announced plans to replace the oil-based raw materials used for manufacturing LEGO bricks with a more sustainable substance within 15 years—an investment of approximately DKK kr1 billion.

Its ability to harness crowdsourcing to provide a platform for fans to showcase their creativity with LEGO bricks is also of note. In February 2015, the LEGO Group launched “LEGO Ideas,” a crowdsourcing website where LEGO users can submit ideas for the company to consider.

The LEGO brick has been hailed the greatest toy of all time, but that is not the only recognition the LEGO Group is being accorded: This year, the LEGO brand became a new entrant on the Best Global Brands report, debuting at #82.

LEGO and the LEGO Logo are registered trademarks owned by the LEGO Group and used here by special permission.

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