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The brand that pioneered a people-centric approach in one word, “Priceless,” is now catering to a new wave of users. A Top Riser among this year’s Best Global Brands, MasterCard has focused on becoming an integral part of people’s experiences by expanding its “Priceless” campaign into a more holistic platform for engagement. Championing safety, utility, and ubiquity, MasterCard continues to evolve along with CEO Ajay Banga’s vision of a global, cash-free economy that is both personal and inclusive.

Positioning itself as a leader in innovation, MasterCard is fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with digital commerce start-ups through its Start Path Global program. It’s also joining with smartphone companies to test biometric technologies that let users verify mobile payments with the tap of a finger or the (literal) blink of an eye. These slick security measures replace clumsy password authentications and appeal to younger users—who are no strangers to snapping selfies in a store.

MasterCard has also become an integral player in the expanding mobile payments market with its MasterCard Digital Enablement Service API (MDES). The proprietary technology fuels Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google’s Android Pay, as well as MasterCard’s own mobile wallet, MasterPass. Samsung and Android have also signed on for the new Digital Enablement Express service, which makes digital payment even more efficient.

Now in its 18th year, “Priceless” has evolved from a brand promise into a platform for delivering unique experiences. The brand’s 160 marketing platforms have been consolidated into just four: “Priceless Surprises,” “Priceless Causes,” “Priceless Cities,” and “Priceless Specials.” MasterCard has earned unprecedented engagement with “Priceless Surprises,” which cultivates shareable stories through experience-driven giveaways. In May 2015, as part of “Priceless Cities,” MasterCard launched its first cashless pop-up restaurant on a rooftop in Milan, Italy, causing significant buzz among customers and consumers in Europe. The brand is also redefining its cause-based marketing by banding with its customers to support laudable partners like Stand Up To Cancer, World Food Program, and Best Buddies.

While pursuing a lofty global vision, MasterCard stays focused on engaging the individuals it serves. Security, seamlessness, and a legacy of understanding people’s values are strong assets in today’s expectant market. In fact, for the fast-rising MasterCard brand, they’re priceless.

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