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Morgan Stanley
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Over the past year, Morgan Stanley made bold moves to strengthen its brand and empower its customers—all in an effort to position itself as an organization with a vision for progress.

Led by new CMO Mandell Crawley, “Capital Creates” is a positioning and a brand marketing campaign that reinforces the role that Morgan Stanley can play in its customers’ lives: creating the capital that serves as the means for turning seemingly lofty goals into distinct realities. “Capital Creates” has also shaped a new narrative for the brand. It’s provided a platform where Morgan Stanley can highlight its role in creating and assisting some of the biggest innovators in their respective industries—from underwriting the largest IPO in history with Alibaba assisting Netflix in “writing its financial script.” “Capital Creates” has also reinvigorated Morgan Stanley’s recruiting strategy—it resonates strongly with prospective talent attracted to the firm’s positive “impact on culture, technology and infrastructure.”

Morgan Stanley’s renewed focus has also manifested in the form of its new website. The enhanced, user-friendly website was redesigned with employees’ feedback kept top-of-mind. Morgan Stanley has succeeded in creating a digital experience that “highlights not the company itself, but the people behind it.” The new website reaffirms that Morgan Stanley is a service organization that focuses not just on financial capital, but on creating human value.

Capital Creates” has resonated with customers through Morgan Stanley’s website, advertising campaigns, and in its executives’ interactions with the media. The impact that this new platform has had on Morgan Stanley’s bottom line is undeniable: In July 2015, CEO James Gorman reported that Morgan Stanley had its most profitable quarter since the financial crisis, and Morgan Stanley’s brand value has increased 12 percent in this year’s Best Global Brands ranking.

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