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The world’s biggest coffee brand, Nescafé, continues to find new opportunities to connect with consumers at all t­ouchpoints. The Nestlé-owned brand is introducing new products and cultivating experiences around the lives of today’s consumers, all grounded in the message of its ongoing global brand platform, “It all starts with a Nescafé.”

The RedVolution continues for Nescafé with a strengthened brand and refreshed image to pique the palettes of younger consumers, a move that Sean Murphy, Head of Global Strategic Marketing and Communication, believes has contributed to the brand’s leading position in key markets like China. In 2015, Nescafé became the first (and biggest) brand to transfer its website to Tumblr’s social-friendly platform, which Nescafé believes will start conversations with a new wave of consumers. Using Tumblr as its primary platform for both communications and e-commerce, Nescafé can collate positive mentions of its brand, push them out on other social networks, and host content uploaded by the Tumblr community—the new website serves as a prime source for connection and co-creation.

While Nescafé maintains a 44 percent hold on the instant-coffee market worldwide, the brand is building its cachet by tapping into the growing “coffee culture.” In Japan and South Korea, Nescafé has recently launched flagship coffee shops to attract out-of-home coffee consumers. The company is also concentrating on creating a “café-style” experience at home by focusing on its sweet spot: the Nescafé Dolce Gusto line, which was the fastest-growing coffee system in the world at the end of 2014.

While pushing its premium products, Nescafé is also pioneering innovations, including a new liquid coffee essence—an extra-convenient option for consumers to make their own iced coffee on the go.

On the social stage, Nescafé is turning the spotlight from the product to people with campaigns that invite digitally saturated consumers to indulge in something they crave as much as their coffee: real connections. “The Hello Experiment” launched in Italy, scientifically demonstrated how sharing a cup of coffee with strangers can instantly break down walls and create bonds.

As part of the “It all starts with a Nescafé” brand platform, the award-winning “Really Friends” campaign that was launched in France continues to create social buzz via rollouts in Chile and Turkey, with more markets planned for 2016.

On the sustainability front, the Nescafé Plan supports and trains coffee farmers. Through a USD $350 million investment and lofty goals set for 2020—with progress already made—the challenge for the brand now is to communicate the achievements.

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