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Since its first disposable diaper arrived in 1961, Pampers has built its brand around parents’ number one concern: the comfort of their little ones.

Pampers actively engages consumers in order to engineer more perfect products, provide useful content, and build emotional bonds. Its poignant and instantly resonant #BetterForBaby campaign in North America offers pledges to parents that mirror the promises that they themselves make to their newborns. The campaign, inspired by conversations with moms across the country, encourages customers to do what most new parents can’t resist: share how their babies make their lives better on social media.

Through research and engagement, Pampers taps into the needs of real babies. In North America alone, the company conducts two dozen studies and interviews 9,000 mothers every year. The new Pampers Cruisers are based on a survey of more than 500 U.S. mothers, which found that more than 80 percent of these moms were bothered by diaper sag. Researchers at five global baby-care centers spend hours studying the ways babies move to inform product innovation. Pampers’ regional teams work to understand cultural differences and preferences in the 130 countries it serves—it essentially created the market for disposable diapers in China.

Continued real-world social initiatives and environmental actions also endear today’s more conscious consumers. Pampers’ global One Pack = One Vaccine partnership with UNICEF— which just celebrated its 10th anniversary—has eliminated neonatal tetanus from 17 countries since 2006, preventing the deaths of about 500,000
babies. Because caring for babies means caring for the world they grow up in, Pampers strives to reduce materials used in its products and manufacturing. Over the past five years, the company has reduced manufacturing waste by 78 percent, CO2 emissions by 9 percent, energy consumption by 8 percent, and water consumption by 4 percent. In the past two decades, Pampers has also decreased the weight and packaging of its diapers by half.

Pampers is dedicated to helping parents at each stage of their babies’ development. was created to gather insights about babies’ progress that allows it to remarket to users with hyper-relevant content, thus building trust and authority. “I expect all diapers to deliver on this in 2015,” writes an enthusiastic advertiser (and happy dad).

Creating actual value for customers translates in the market: Valued at USD $11.1 billion in May 2015, Pampers is P&G’s best-selling brand in the world.

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