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With increasing business complexity—including the demand for companies to integrate their business systems and to process and interface with new sets of data—Xerox is helping businesses work better. In the last few years, Xerox has gone from a company focused primarily on document and information management to one that supports critical business processes for enterprises of all sizes in a wide spectrum of industries. Business services now make up about two-thirds of Xerox’s nearly USD $20 billion annual revenue.

This is evident in its most recent B2B brand campaign. Xerox launched “Work Can Work Better,” a new brand platform that describes what’s possible when business solutions are designed around both new technology and human insights. The effort features new advertising and digital campaigns with initial spots describing how Xerox works behind the scenes to improve how work gets done, and will move into specific industry issues regarding customer care, human resources, healthcare, and transportation.

It has also invested heavily within its business, with USD $577 million going to RD&E in four focus areas: usable analytics, turning inert data into actionable insights; agile enterprise technology, concentrated on automated processes and cloud-based software; personalization at scale, improving efficiency and relevancy of products; and sustainable enterprise and society. And as it pushes toward becoming a more service-oriented business, Xerox has acquired companies such as Intrepid Learning, which features cloud-based learning technology that offers organizations a way to train at scale at a reasonable cost, and RSA Medical, a leading provider of health assessment and risk management for health and life insurance companies.

Xerox also redesigned to be content and social driven, enabling engagement from any device. It includes shareable stories that highlight Xerox clients and their industries in a personalized and user-centric way. This is on the heels of efforts to adopt a fresh content strategy, including the 2014 launch of “30 Seconds to Know,” in partnership with NBCUniversal, which explains complex daily headline topics in quick, 30-second video clips. This is just one of several publishing initiatives that demonstrate how Xerox is finding new ways to emphasize its transformation and keep audiences highly engaged.

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