Interview with Microsoft

Interbrand interview with Microsoft.

How is Microsoft fueling growth?

Throughout our history, our core sense of purpose has always been associated with driving our customers’ growth. We think about it first from their perspective. Our founders’ vision was to put a PC on every home and every desk, which you could say we’ve now accomplished. We invented desktop productivity and democratized computing so people could realize their full potential. Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. As we go forward, we continuously honor that promise and live that identity. We are about our customers thriving with the power of digital technology, and few companies can aspire as broadly and as deeply as we can to have such an impact around the world.

How do you become a growth-led organization?

As the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast. We can only deliver on our mission if we live our culture. Interestingly, we refer to it as growth mindset. It starts with creating a culture where people are always learning, where leaders are committed to developing each individual, and where we are listening more than we are speaking. We’re making it possible for others to speak so that everyone’s ideas come through, where if you take calculated risks and fail fast, the question is not why did you fail, but rather what did you learn and how does that make us stronger?

I am inspired by Satya Nadella, our CEO, when he offers our culture as the deep and broad platform that allows every employee to find their own personal meaning and philosophy in the work we do each day. It resonates because we are able to connect our growth—personal and professional—to the purpose of the company, and ultimately to making a difference for our customers.

How does being a growth-led company that strives to be customer obsessed affect the way you think about brand?

On our best day, our best stories come from our customers. People are moved by other people. They trust their friends, families, and experts when making decisions. They’re curious about other people’s experiences. So one of the best ways to touch them with our brand is by shining a light on real achievement stories from people and organizations, where technology is enabling, relatable, and inspiring.

We want our brand to be a celebration of our customers whose lives we touch across the planet—from Ariela Suster to Melissa Arnot, from the Special Olympics to Real Madrid—and their achievements, big and small. It connects what we do at Microsoft with what people are making possible in the world, and we are awed by that.