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Leveraging data to drive purposeful business transformations: Q&A with Intel

Q&A with Alyson N. Griffin, Vice President and Global Brand and Thought Leadership Marketing at Intel

Brand Strength: Clarity/ Commitment: What is it that you would like to stand for in the minds of your existing and target customers? Can you give examples of how you are aligning and inspiring your people behind your brand strategy?

Our brand is aligned to our business strategy and goals. Intel is a data-centric company, and our growth comes from our unique role in all aspects of the data lifecycle; our brand needs to encompass our wide portfolio of products and solutions. Our brand is built on all of the ways that our innovative data-centric technologies drive business transformations with meaningful human impact. For example, Intel is changing the way that historic sites are preserved to protect one of the seven wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China. Using artificial intelligence and drones to survey hard-to-reach sections of the Wall and identify structural vulnerabilities, it’s now possible to create a highly detailed and specific plan to repair the Wall more efficiently and cost effectively. Another example is our partnership with the Smithsonian American Art Museum, where Intel technologies are accelerating the process of digitally capturing and translating a Renwick Gallery art exhibit into a virtual reality experience. Through digital access in immersive experiences like virtual reality, people anywhere in the world can engage with historic artwork as if they were physically in the exhibit space. These are just two examples of how Intel technology is transforming industries and changing lives.

Transformation: How are your business and industry transforming? What are some of the major changes and trends you’re anticipating?

This year, Intel is celebrating its 50th anniversary and a half century of technological innovation that has transformed everything from personal computing to industries as diverse as manufacturing, retail, financial services, entertainment, aerospace, healthcare, and beyond.  As we look towards the next years that will define our company, Intel is undergoing a significant business transformation, building on our legacy as the leading PC processor manufacturer to a company centered on data, in a world where data is everywhere and increasing exponentially. From semiconductor memory products to the world’s first micro-processor, today we are focused on harnessing the capability of the cloud, the ubiquity of the internet of things, the latest advancements in AI, 5G, drone, and memory and programmable solutions to solve global challenges. Our breakthrough technologies are inspiring innovations across industries and will make autonomous driving, 5G, and artificial intelligence into scalable global realities. Through our technology, partnerships, customers, and business practices, we are focused on addressing the world’s biggest challenges.

Customer: What insights have you learned from customers that are informing how you should transform with confidence?

Our customers and our shared vision of progress for business and society are why we strive to innovate. We rely on our customers to ask the tough questions, share their insights, and partner with us to implement innovative solutions across industries. Our customers and partners trust that we bring the same level of engineering and manufacturing excellence, invention, insight, and service to new categories and continue to create new capabilities and categories, transform businesses, and improve lives. Our commitment to our customers is what has driven us every day for the last 50 years and is what has fueled our growth. Intel is committed to be a trusted partner to our customers, to deliver great products and services of the highest quality, and to help drive their success.

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